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What Our Readers Are Saying...

I agree with the feedback you have received about Hatches. This is by far the best magazine I have seen that shares the wealth of knowledge without the additional 30 pages of vendor advertisements. I understand they are needed revenue but it is refreshing to see the quality of your articles etc. without having to thumb through all of the ads. I also take three other periodicals that are OK but no where nearly as good as Hatches. I wish you continued success and would like the opportunity to have 3 year subscriptions some time. Thanks again for all of your hard work and excellent presentation in Hatches. Best of luck, I wish you a long life and can't wait until you are recognized as the number one periodical presenting fly fishing knowledge.

I received my issue of Hatches this weekend and I have not been able to put it down. I have subscribed to many fly fishing and fly tying mags before. Yours is the first that I have seen that I can get some use out of. Nearly every article is something that pertains to me and I need all the help I can get. I don't know how you can keep this up but I will be watching for my next issue. Thank for all the hard work the staff has done. Very well done. Thank you.

My local fly shop just got your magazine, so I grabbed one right away. I am very impressed with your Premiere Issue. It is awesome. The articles are very thorough, lots of information. I like the fact that they are long. The photography is very clear and instructional. Most fly fishing/tying magazines have a percentage of articles that I don't have an interest in. Hatches has content that I am looking forward to reading from cover to cover. How you will surpass the first issue with your second will be hard to do. Congratulations. Well done!

I finally received my copy last Friday and, I'd like to tell you all what a good magazine you have produced. The articles are very concise and the photography is awesome. The detail of the instructions is by far the best I've ever seen. I took the magazine to my fly tying night and all the CADDIS club members were jealous when they saw my copy.

Jerry McKaughan, President
CADDIS Fly Fishers"

In short, it is one of the most thoughtful and helpful "craft" publications I have ever read. While there are certainly many articles discussing flies I would never consider tying, the instructions for techniques I do not normally use on the flies I do tie has provided much food for thought and creativity. I am truly impressed with the detail and depth of content. And the photography is superb.

Spent all afternoon and most of this evening reading it. This will definitely be a collectors item in the future, so will try to preserve it best I can, but the drool stains on most of the pages will surely leave permanent marks.

"Received my copy of Hatches yesterday. Oh, you are in big TROUBLE. How on earth are you going to top this first issue. Absolutely fantastic! I can't wait for future issues. Great Job"

"Hatches has hatched!! This magazine is by far one if not the best fly tying mags I got. Colorful, descriptive, and packed with useful info that I will actually read. This is one hatch that will be difficult to Match. Congrats on everyone that worked on this masterpiece. I can't wait to show the guys in my local fly shop!! Nice job!! This will be very useful during the height of FLY TYING SEASON!! Thank you Hatches Staff!! Keep up the good work!!"

"Well, after reading mine front to back. I would have to say that the articles were well written and very imformative. The photos were excellent, and I want to thank everyone who had a hand in this. You did a fantastic job! I'm keeping this baby for future reference, I know it will get dog eared and worn pretty good!!! You all did a great job"

"I received the Hatches magazine yesterday, and what an awesome magazine!! Over the years , I have read many magazines related to fly tying and fly fishing. This magazine was , by far , the best I have read. Great photography, informative articles and easy to understand tying related features. Hats off to all that made this possible."

"I will say to you personally that it is the single best issue of a fly fishing or tying magazine that I've ever gotten, and I've gotten them all."


"Received mine yesterday! A ton of information in here!! I'm definitely going to read study it for quite some time."

"Received it yesterday. WOW! Awesome job. Just beautiful. I am going to sit and digest it tonight. Really a quality product. Thank you to all involved"

"I received my copy yesterday. Every article was well executed and the photos excellent. I especially enjoyed the tying instruction that accompanied nearly every article. This alone sets Hatches above the rest and provides critical information that has been sorely lacking from traditional publications."

"Got it yesterday in Cow Hampshire. WOW! The articles all are about 4 times as long and in-depth as the "competitor" magazine. Each of the authors took the time to really communicate effectively, and, of course opine on a few things. I hope you can garner some more advertisers--point out the magazine will NOT be thrown away, but is timeless, and will be part of a tier's library for many years..."

First, let me say "WOW" My first magazine has arrived and I'm waiting for the second (a present for a fellow flyfisher and tyer). You have outdone yourself with this magazine, it's perfect in all ways.

Great photos and articles. Being a fledgling tyer, I expecially appreciated the detailed instructions for tying flies.

I REALLY am enjoying the magazine. It is one of those magazines you receive that you read from cover to cover, read it again, and look forward to the next issue. I really like the "tying for show or to throw" concept. Flies really are an art form and you have proved it. Thanks!

Writing for Hatches Magazine
Thank you for your interest in writing for Hatches Magazine. Because we only publish one issue each year we are dedicated to publishing only the best articles accompanied by professional photography. Our goal for every issue is to remain balanced and have at least something for every tying style. We are seeking creative articles about innovative or historical patterns and techniques. We also accept interviews, short stories, destinations or anything else where the main focus is fly tying related.

If you are interested in writing for us we ask that you first send us an outline of the article you are interested in writing. We keep these outlines on file and when we feel your article may be a good fit into a particular issue we will contact you.

Outlines should contain the following information

- Contact Information
Please provide us your name, address, telephone number and email address

- Description
Give us a brief overview of the content of the article. Indicate any step-by-step tutorials that will be a part of the article and list the appropriate species the pattern will target. Please be as descriptive as possible.

- Photography
Good photography is important to us. Please send us some sample photographs, preferably the finished stage of the pattern included in the article (if applicable). Send the files uncompressed it their original form, do not crop or resize. We prefer digital images but we also accept transparencies. We can provide assistance with the photography in your article, if this assistance is needed please give us a list of photographs that should be taken.

Please email the outline to [email protected] or mail to the following address

Hatches Magazine 16 Huntington Ave Amelia, OH 45102

if you have any questions please contact us.

Thank You

Will Mullis
Hatches Magazine